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Asbury Baptist Church

Our church has a vivid history, yet our future is as bright as the promises of God.  We are an independent baptist church that is dependent on One Source for our strength, direction, truth and mission----the Lord Jesus Christ.

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We have been given a mandate, by the Lord Jesus Himself, to preach the life-giving power of His death, burial, and resurrection to a lost world in the darkness of sin.  We are a fellowship of imperfect believers, with a perfect Savior.  It is our mission to obey His Word until He comes. 


It is our vision and purpose to honor our Lord by being salt and light in the world.  We do this by promoting the Word of God in our culture, that will bring knowledge and wisdom in Him.  We love our Country and we stand for our great flag.  Thus, it is our joy to promote Jesus Christ, be Christ-like in our stand for Him, and be model citizens in our Land.

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